DBX Model 224

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Product Overview

Unit has been fully tested and confirmed to be in working order.

The DBX model 224 has two channels of encode and two channels of decode processing, and is thus capable of simultaneous recording and off-tape monitoring of a stereo program. This DBX Type II system provides in excess of 30 dB broadband tape noise reduction with a simultaneous 10 dB improvement in headroom in the tape recording process.

The unit also may be used to decode special DBX encoded phonograph discs. These discs, available through leading hi-fi and record dealers, are up to 40 dB quieter than a conventional disc, and provide tremendous musical dynamic range.

The 224's DBX disc decoding circuitry is not designed to reduce noise on conventional phonograph records. Neither can the 224's DBX tape noise reduction circuits reduce hiss on a tape which has already been recorded without the corresponding DBX processing during the recording process.

The unit is fully compatible with all other DBX Type II units, including the 120 series and 140 series. The 224 is not compatible with DBX Type I Professional equipment, and vice-versa. The incompatibility is due to minor signal processing differences.

Alone, the DBX 224 will dramatically improve the quality of your live tape recordings, and will preserve the quality when you are copying previously recorded programs. When used properly, the tape noise reduction makes an extremely valuable addition to your sound system and to your listening enjoyment.


Channels: 2

Input sensitivity: 300mV (6V max)

Output level: 5V (max)

Noise reduction system: dbx II

S/N improvement: 30-40dB (dbx II)

Dynamic range: 110dB

Frequency response: 30Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.5%

Dimensions: 437 x 440 x 179mm

Weight: 4.75lbs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review