Lexicon LDI 12t Interface

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Product Overview

Lexicon LDI 12T Interface Expander The LDI-12T interface provides superior A/D conversion at both professional and consumer input levels.

TOSLINK optical input and output connections for any ADAT-compatible device provide eight channels of digital I/O. ADAT sync connectors ensure accurate system clocking, synchronization and machine control. A pair of coaxial RCA connectors provide two channels of S/PDIF digital I/O.

The TOSLINK connectors can also be used for S/PDIF connections which require an optical I/O, allowing simultaneous format conversion between, for example, two DATs, one with coaxial (RCA) and one with optical connections. XLR balanced Time Code inputs, in conjunction with the Core-32 on-board variable oscillator (VSO), lock to incoming Time Code and maintain sync.

A dedicated BNC input allows clock synchronization to popular digital mixers. S/PDIF or ADAT connections can be used for either clock master or slave. A 9-pin connector on the rear panel lets you connect to video and audio devices capable of Sony 9-pin serial control.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review